Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be

Second Place, Grade 4-6 Division, 2003
By: Maya Katrel Little
Grade 6, Thaddeus Stevens ES
Teacher: Ms. Theresa A. Lurry

One parent lived here and one lived there, one weekend here and another there. As a little girl life with single parents worked on my nerves. Sometimes I had lots of fun and laughed and laughed, but many times I felt sad and filled with tears. It seemed that a piece of my family was torn from me. I thought about how I break a piece of bread and leave it. When I return the broken edges are just hard and difficult to eat. My family breaking up makes life so difficult for me.

When I was younger I loved when my daddy visited me, but as he began to walk down the steps to leave big wet tears began to role down my chubby cheeks. At times I felt so angry at myself because I thought maybe if I wasn’t born my parents would still be together.

As I got older I wished and prayed that my daddy and mommy would get married someday. This way we would be one big happy family. I recall sadly asking my mother “why can’t my daddy spend the night with the two of us? “ My mom tried her best to explain, but I still did not understand. All I knew is that I wanted him.

When my daddy got engaged to another women I was not ready for that because I was still hoping that he would marry my mom. The wedding ceremony was bitter-sweet for me. I was happy that my daddy got married but I was disappointed that my dream did not come true at all.

I learned a valuable lesson from growing up with a single parent. All though I am only 11 years old I know in my heart that I do not want my children to experience what I have.