Plastic Bags and Bottles Effect on Me

Mason Day –   Honorable Mention

5th grade, Bancroft Elementary – Ms. Esther Amaya

            Global Warming is a very serious thing that has been going on for too long. It is mainly caused by pollution created by humans. It affects me now and will affect me tomorrow. I will show people how this affects me, and I hope that it makes people more aware of climate change. I will explain what type of global warming that affects me and how it affects me, I will explain how I can show how it affects me and the outcome that I want. 

Global Warming is the heating of the planet because of many different types of pollution. One of the biggest contributors is plastic. Plastic is a broad word and so is plastic pollution. There is dumping’s of plastic, littering of plastic and other things. But I am taking about the overrated use of plastic bottles and bags. I choose this type of plastic for this essay because it is widely used in my community. At school, you will see kids using different plastic bags and water bottles every day. On a walk, you will see plastic bags in the streets and bottles all over. This littering affects my actions as well as my emotions. It makes me angry when I see it because I am not looking forward to my elderhood in a world of plastic bags and bottles everywhere since things are only getting worse. I often pickup plastic therefore proving that plastic affects me by altering my actions and sometimes my calmness. I want to show people how this affects me. 

            I can show people how this affects me by not bringing plastic bottles or bags to school. I could also show people how if for some reason you do bring plastic bags or bottles to school where to recycle it since many kids throw it in the trash and on the compost bin.  I am already doing a lot to save the environment but not enough. I want to help others save the environment because one day if we do not start changing now, we’ll be living in a world broken down by our own mistakes. This is just one of many things that we as humans should be doing. Another thing I will do though is encourage others to pick up trash so people will start to create habits that are better for nature and all living organisms. If people learn to care for the environment, then they will hopefully act on it. One way I am acting on it is by showing how it affects me and hopefully it will have a positive outcome on those who realize how it affects me.

            I am hoping that showing people it affects me will have a good outcome. There are many ways that this could go and many outcomes that could come. The outcome I want is not incredibly specific but easy enough to understand, I want people to learn something that will encourage them to do something for the environment. Example, people see how plastic is bad because I am no longer using it and then they decide to clean the creek or stop using plastic as well. It does not matter what they do, if it will help the environment it works for me, and hopefully encourage others to see how it now affects them as well and make them also do something.

In conclusion, Global Warming affects me and other people. People can follow my actions and do something for the environment because it affects all of us.  Finally, I want to say that everybody should do their part to help stop or end pollution and global warming because every day it is affecting people more and more and eventually the results will be horrific.