Staying Isolated with Familiar People isn’t Always Comfortable

Peter Haun, Honorable Mention        

4th grade, Bancroft ES – Ms. Esther Amaya (Teacher)

I have been in quarantine for 6 weeks now and it is harder than you think to be isolated with the same people that you lived with your entire life. Even though the people are the same, it seems like everything else has changed.

Although I love my family, there is no escaping them now. It’s not just that I eat with my family and sometimes play with them on the weekends like before. Now someone is always coming to see me or do something with me, or my sister asks for a drink every time I’m getting one from the kitchen.  But you may be asking yourself “What’s so bad about that?” Well, when you repeat that process over and over again it starts gets on your nerves. When I’m always being asked for something, I don’t really have free time. I can’t just sit down and relax like I could before.

Being under quarantine I have also realized that I have less say in things. It feels like being behind a glass wall because I can see things going on but it’s harder to be heard. My parents are working from home more than usual so I can see them, but I usually can’t talk them. For example, I want to eat tilapia and salad for dinner, but I come downstairs and people are making lasagna and cauliflower when before my parents would ask what everyone wanted before making any thing.

My break from my family used to be playing soccer or hanging out with my friends, but now I can only go Facetime my friends and it is not the same. I will never get that same feeling that I used to from being in the same room, running outside and just having a chat with friends in person. 

If I have learned anything from quarantine it’s that everyone stuck in the same house is a bit cranky, so it helps to remember the small things like filling up the lemonade pitcher for the next person. When you are stuck with each other, small stuff like that can make a big impact. 

                                                          The end