2022 Essay Contest Winners

The 34th “Celebration of Youth” Essay Contest


Winners in Grades 4 – 6

First Place: Bridgette Miranda Gonzales, 5th grade, Bruce Monroe Elem., Amy Dinan

Second Place: Jonah Meyer, 4th Grade, Eaton Elementary, Anthony Tarzia

Third Place: Jonas Gamy, 4th Grade, Langley Elementary, Amanda Texeira

Fourth Place: Elliana Marie Strauss, 5th Grade, Bancroft Elem., Ms. Vilma Luque
Fifth Place: Caroline Wilding, 6th Grade, Alice Deal MS., David Silberman

Winners in Grade 7 – 9

First Place: Margo Lewis, 9th Grade, Jackson Reed HS, Lisa Grymes

Second Place: Lela Harkrader, 8th Grade, Alice Deal Middle School, Ms. Norton (5th Place Winner in 2021)

Third Place: Serge Tchamo, 8th Grade, MacFarland MS, Alina Majer (Honorable Mention in 2021, 2019, 2018)

Fourth Place: Robert Curington, 9th Grade, Benjamin Banneker

Fifth Place: Emma Cappelloni, 7th Grade, Alice Deal MS., Elisabeth Hoyson (Honorable Mention in 2021, Second Place Winner in 2020)

Avi Berger, 5th Grade, Tyler Elementary School, Ms. Julianne Wiliams
Zeinab Dembele, 7th grade, Ida B. Wells Middle School, Mrs. Maja

Leo Feldman, 5th grade, School Without Walls@Stevens, Jennifer Myers

Hanna Floyd, 9th Grade, McKinley Tech, Ms. Linda Wallace

Aylea’ Ford, 6th Grade, Excel Academy, Ms. Caniya Ray

Maurice Ford, 4th Grade, Langley Elem. School, Amanda Texeira
Ariana Escobar Fuentes,4th Grade, Bruce Monroe@Parkview, Ms. Montiel & Ms. Cevantes

Daniel Goldson, 6th Grade, DC Prep Edgewood Middle Campus, Ms. Watson

Evelyn Hartless, 9th grade, McKinley Tech HS, Ms. Linda Wallace

Lainey Huey, 4th grade, Lafayette Elementary, Alison Dalton

Dialo Jackson, 5th Grade, Tyler Elementary, Ms. Julianne Williams

Brenda Kouam, 9th Grade, Benjamin Banneker HS, Alina Majer, (Second Place Winner in 2021)
Pierce Lilly, 9th Grade, DC International PCS, Ms. Kelly Custer, (Fifth Place Winner in 2020 and Honorable Mention in 2021 and 2018)  

Juliana Gallego Ortiz, 4th Grade, YuYing PCS, Malcolm Harvin-Conner

Serenitee Perry, 9th Grade, McKinley Technology HS, Linda Wallace
Claudia Ray, 4th Grade, Whittier Elementary, Ms. Rain Wallin

Eleanor Sarver, 5th Grade, Eaton Elementary, Leann Trowbridge

Jada Sills, 9th Grade, McKinley Technology HS, Ms. Linda Wallace

Naomi Stewart, 4th Grade, YuYing PCS, Malcolm Harvin-Conner

Ikedinachukwu Ukaegbu, 9th Grade, McKinley Tech HS, Ms. Linda Wallace (Honorable Mention in 2018)

Krysten Walker, 9th grade, McKinley Technology HS, Ms. Linda Wallace

Gernaye Jones-Warren, 6th Grade, Excel Academy, Ms. Caniya Ray

Ny’lah Williams, 4th grade, John Burroughs Elem., Ms. Katherine Close

Tyshawn Wooten, 8th Grade, Kramer Middle School, Ms. Ramble
Zion Young, 5th Grade, Patterson Elementary School, Ms. Tiffany Rose