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Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. Its mission is to support the expression and humanity of children. Read more.


Essay Contest

The 2018 Essay Contest Theme is: What does it feel like to walk in your shoes? What is it like to be you? Is there something you want others to know, or perhaps not know, about you? Using specific examples from your own life, write an essay sharing your inner thoughts and feelings about the hopes, fears, or special challenges that are important to you. Entries are due by Monday, April 30, 2018. For contest details, click here.

Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence, Inc. sponsors the Celebration of Youth essay contest, which is open to all 4th through 9th grade DC public school students.

The essay themes encourage students to examine their thoughts and feelings around their personal experiences. Students are asked to write about their lives in their own voices. Prominent media figures and authors are the judges, and people across the city gather to hear the finalists read their prize-winning essays.

We are proud that over the years a majority of the eligible schools have participated and that students from all sections of the city have won. While good writing skills help significantly, many criteria are taken into consideration.

Students who never thought they could write, much less win a contest, have won. The winners might have shown more depth, self reflection, compelling emotion, thoughtfulness, authenticity, or greater humor than the majority of entries.

This is an essay contest that need not be restricted to English classes. Many teachers, including those of art, science, music, and math, have encouraged students to enter. Students can also enter independently. Each year, a few students discover the contest and enter on their own.

Over the years, many notable public figures have congratulated the winners of our essay contest.

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