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“Raise this wounded world into a wondrous one.”

– Amanda Gorman

The individuals listed below make our work possible. They believe in a better world. They respect people. They know the value of supporting children and families. By the way they live their own lives, they are helping to make a more humane and aware civilization. We are humbled by their trust and so very thankful for their support. They are our champions.



The J.P. Morgan Securities Charitable Gift Fund

Foundational Upholder

  • The Honorable Al Gore
  • Keekee Minor
  • The Family of Mary Margaret and Jocko Nickolaus
  • Dale, Blanca, and Julia Schusterman
  • The Thomas Cannon Foundation

Gold Circle

  • Michael Sundermeyer and Susan Talerico
  • Bart Acocella and Maura Dougherty

Silver Circle

  • Eileen Andary (Cash and In Kind)
  • Nadine Cohodas
  • Admin and Compliance Divisions at Freddie Mac (In Kind)
  • Kirsten Anderson and Jeff, Kelly, and Emma Harris (In Kind)
  • Mimi Hurd
  • Carol Ingram
  • Maureen Orth (The Time Russert Family Foundation)
  • Arthur Linder (through Diane Ligon)
  • Sancta Maria Sodality (In Kind)
  • Marie Shirey (Cash and In Kind)
  • Molly Sloss and the parents of her students (In Kind)
  • Margaret Snyder

Bronze Circle

  • Tracy Ballard and John Gorman (In Kind)
  • Benevity Fund
  • Blackburn Giving Fund
  • Sophie Bose and friends from Eleanor Roosevelt HS (In Kind)
  • Rebecca Carroll (In Kind and Cash)
  • Connie Church and Adriana Church (In Kind)
  • Michael Day (In Kind)
  • Jayme Delano
  • Debby Demaree (In Kind and Cash)
  • Lisa Yost and Peter Galvin
  • Patty Grimberg (In Kind)
  • Danny McGuire and Clover Plumbing
  • Jane and Paul Molloy

Harmony Connectors

  • Larry and Nonie Akman
  • Gretchen Anselmo (In Kind)
  • Anna Callon (In Kind)
  • Lisa Catapano and Bill, Peppin, Jasper, and Chetty Thomas (In Kind)
  • Connie and Adriana Church (In Kind)
  • Nadine Cohodas
  • Harriett Crosby
  • Maury Collins and Michael Dorf
  • Barbara Elkus, (In Kind)
  • Allison Folley (In Kind)
  • Richard Gervase, Stuart Delery, Michael, and Sebastian
  • Meredith Goosen
  • Anne and David Grove (Cash and In Kind)
  • Linda Joy
  • Stephanie Judd (In Kind)
  • Adam Liptak and Jennifer Bitman
  • Claire Loftus (In Kind)
  • Martha Martin
  • Julie Gallagher Mitchell and Harold, Gabriel, and Zachary Mitchell (In Kind)
  • Jerry Nielson
  • Kent Nordvig
  • Danny McGuire and Jayme Delano
  • Elisa and Peter O’Keefe and Family (In Kind and Cash)
  • Donna Philpitt (In Kind)
  • Polly Phipps
  • Terry and Alan Prosise
  • Gail Romansky
  • Rose Solari and Jimmy Patterson (Cash and In Kind)
  • Rooney Stencil
  • Stephen Sznajder (In Kind and Cash)
  • Gail and Trimble Trimble. Laura Bryan, and Knitwits (In Kind)
  • Jeff Trollinger and Lorna Mullenax

Harmony Makers

  • Maureen Andary (In Kind)
  • Katie Anderson and Family (In Kind)
  • Nancy Angelo and Tom Mather
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation – a matching grant given by Jennifer Gross
  • Anonymous (3) (Cash and In Kind)
  • Taluza and David Atkinson
  • Judy and Joe Brady (Cash and In Kind)
  • Kathy Carroll (In Kind)
  • Betsy Carr
  • Richard and Laura Cassagnol
  • Melissa Clark (In Kind and Cash)
  • Beth Charos and friends (Cash and In Kind)
  • Barbara Craft (Cash and In Kind)
  • Michael Dennis
  • Gil Dipetro
  • Richard Dotson
  • Tara Eliason (In Kind)
  • Patti and Charlie Firestone
  • Sarah Grantham, Tom Selden, Ellie, and Natalie (In Kind)
  • Seth Kahan and Laura Baron
  • Kate Obenshain Keeler
  • Byron Kline
  • Dr. Helene Krauthamer (In Kind)
  • Patricia Lee
  • Melissa Maxman and Glenn Marcus
  • Karen and Jim Nunes
  • Joan, Larry, and Brendan Petak
  • Page Petite
  • Gerry P. Piltzer
  • Caty Poulin (In Kind)
  • Lorraine Rendleman (In Kind)
  • Susan Roberts
  • Ed and Carolina St. John
  • Jeff Strohl (In Kind)
  • JoAnn Tanner
  • Beth and Jeff Taubman and Family
  • Cindi R. Terrell (In kind)
  • Bernie Trimble (In Kind)
  • TJ, Nicole, Kendra, and Chelsea Trimble (In Kind)
  • UDC and Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society (In Kind)
  • Susan Stafford and Chris Wemple (In Kind)
  • Gail and Stan Vossler
  • Michele Wolin (Cash and In Kind)
  • Aixia Zhang and He Huang

Harmony Group

  • Nam Ahluwalia (Cash and In Kind)
  • Alice Andrews (In Kind)
  • Anonymous (4)
  • Kathryn Averett
  • Carolyn Barrett
  • Jill and Bobby Cahn
  • Louise Chambers
  • Maureen Diodati
  • Suzi Henderson (In Kind)
  • Spencer Clark and Cherry Hunsaker
  • Jane Meleney Coe (In Kind)
  • Patricia and Kevin Hine
  • Alison James
  • Judy Keene (In Kind)
  • Becca Knox
  • Mary Liepold
  • Nicole, Steve, Graham, and Daisy Maclin
  • Jacqueline Newell
  • Francis Price
  • Cindi Sherman (In Kind)
  • Texas Instrument Foundation
  • Chris Trimble and Suzanne
  • Jillian Wendt
  • Elaine Wainwright
  • Faith Wheeler
  • Heidi Yaker (In Kind)

Ninety-five percent of our donations come from individuals. We are so thankful to every one of them. 

Corporate Partners

DCPS, DCPCS, Community of Hope, Admin and Compliance Division at Freddie Mac, PetSmart, Sumner Museum, and UDC and Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society

Key Volunteers, Our Dedicated Angels – They are our champions and sustainers.

Kirsten Anderson and Emma, Jeff, and Kelly Harris, Tracy Ballard  with Laine and Ava, Amelia Bergeron, Sabrina Bergeron, Sophie Bose and friends, Ann Brady, Jim Brady, Jill Cahn, Anna Callon, Kathy Carroll, Rebecca Carroll, Caroline Chambers, Spencer Clark and Cherry Hunsaker with  Xavier, Clementine, and Nils Marcel, Barbara Craft, Anika Davis and Jimmy Mauger, Debby Demaree, Mariah Gaffigan, Julie Gallagher Mitchell and Harold, Gabriel, and Zachary Mitchell,  Sarah Grantham, Stephanie Judd, Ellie Kimmelman,  Becca Knox, Nicole  and Steve Maclin with Graham and Daisy,  Keekee Minor  Regina Mitchell, Claire and Elissa O’Keefe, Neena Read, Marie Shirey, Ellie Selden, Tom Selden, Molly Sloss, Francies Stephenson, Chetty Thomas, Imelda Eileen Trimble, Jessica Trimble, Barbara and Istvan Varsa, Sherry and Don Zowader.