Reduce Recess Time in Schools? No Way!

By: Kaleb Anderson
Third Place Winner, 2013
Grades 4 to 6 Division
John Eaton Elementary School, 4th Grade

This school year there was discussion about reducing recess time. School officials believed more time was needed to schedule more reading and math time for students. They believe that it will help to improve students’ test scores by learning more reading and math. Well, in my opinion they shouldn’t reduce recess time!

The reason why they shouldn’t cut recess time is because kids need recess time. This is the only free time we have during the school day. In class we always have to sit down, be quiet, and focus. We have to pay attention to learn and we have to have order in class. So that is not a good time to play.

However, allowing kids to run and play at recess increases their heart rate and reduces the amount of obesity in our country. In fact Michelle Obama, the president’s wife, is trying to keep kids healthy all around the country. She wants to get kids moving by doing things that will help kids become fit. Recess will give us a chance to get moving! At recess we can scream, talk, play ball, run around and have fun! Recess allows kids to release their energy!

On a personal note, I think it is best for kids to have time to run around and enjoy themselves. One time when we had three straight days of bad weather and couldn’t go outside to play, it was horrible. All I could think about was “Let me out of this cemetery!” Some of my friends say that it is hard to keep still all day. That’s why we need recess. All work and no play makes for very dull kids or maybe very antsy kids. Give the kids their playtime and then they will give you their minds.