Maya Katrel Little
Second place winner in 6th grade; honorable mention in 9th grade

My name is Maya Katrel Little. A native Washingtonian who currently resides in New York City. Although New York City is only the second place out of my hometown in which I have the honor to call home, I consider myself a world traveler and a forever student of this planet that we call Earth. According to my mother, I’ve always had quite an adventurous, curious and fearless state of mind; however my experience as a Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence writer, nurtured, matured and inspired me for life.

Although I have been writing ever since I could pick up and hold a pen, growing up in D.C.’s urban communities, there were not many positive and creative outlets. Children go through tragedies and emotional experiences just like adults and when Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence organization reached out to my school because they wanted us to not only learn how to convert these emotions and experiences on paper, but they also gave us a platform to share, to connect and be consciously in the presence with other children who may have experienced similar circumstances. After my first essay entry and awards ceremony with Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence, I learned that I was not alone in my experiences and that not only me, but all writing participants of the essay contest can release together and rise to higher levels of life daily.

As a 22 year old writer, artist and expressionist, I give my deepest appreciation to Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence organization. Thank you for being a part of my foundation for growth, creative expression and positivity. Your presence in my life at such a young age was vital and encouraging. My future hope is that during my travels to other countries I will see the presence of Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence organization impacting the lives of youth just like they so greatly impacted my life.